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Heartbeat Jazz Series

A unique series from Heartbeat, The Jazz cymbal project was conceived in 2005, put on hold until 2014 and launched in 2016. First only available with a 22″ Ride, these cymbals combine the elements of the sounds of late ’60s progressive jazz giants like Tony Williams, Billy Cobham, Jack DeJohnette, but adds a unique Heartbeat flavor in both sound and appearance. Jazz Ride TopUnique hammering and lathing, Heartbeat dark red logos. A very special series from Heartbeat Percussion! Rides are now available in 22″, 24″ and 26″, crashes in 18″ and 20″ and hats in 15″ and 17″.

 Jazz HatsJazz Crash

Anthem Cymbals!

Heartbeat is pleased to introduce the new Anthem Cymbals!

Anthem Cymbals
This unique series is only available for purchase as a set. Featuring 15″ hi-hats, 18″ and 20″ crashes and a 22″ ride, the Anthem series combines the sounds and looks of our Studio, Custom and Classic series… all in one! Hand crafted by the Heartbeat cymbalsmiths in Turkey, this series is made with the same high quality B20 material as all our other Heartbeat cymbals.

The top of the cymbal combined unlathed finish of our Custom series with the polished lathed finish Classic series and a striped look similar to our Studio series. The underside is fully lathed but with the sandy finish of the Custom series. Add to that, a bonus free Heartbeat logo cymbal bag!

The cymbals are like most Heartbeats…. dark, thin and warm. Traditional Turkish craftsmanship combined with a contemporary Heartbeat touch.

For more information: Heartbeat Anthem Cymbals

New year, new adventures!

With the passing of another year, it is a great opportunity to reflect on the past and look towards the future. Heartbeat continues to focus on building relationships with our customers. One of many things we have learned is that life is always more about people than about things. In the past year, did we accomplish what we set out to do? Did we stay true to our mission and vision of our business? Have we made new friends? Is the heart of Heartbeat beating as strongly as ever?

In 2016, we definitely made new friends. We now see Heartbeat products in six of the world’s seven continents (we are thinking we probably will never see Heartbeat products in Antarctica… but we shall see!). We have continued on developing new products as well as honing and improving existing ones. We are always working on improving our internal operations to enable us to increase our efficiency and our customer service. Here’s just a few highlights:

The introduction of the new Jazz series. Initially only a 22″ ride was planned, but with the immediate response and customer demand, we added a 24″ as well. The idea for these special cymbals was conceived in 2005, went into prototype development in 2014.

The addition of Classic thin crash cymbals to the current medium thin line up.

New 17″ hybrid hi-hat cymbals (Studio top, Classic bottom).

New Raw series 24″ light ride and 21″ crash cymbals.

New Epic series 16″ hi-hat cymbals.

Revised hole pattern in larger Holey crash effect cymbals.

Custom Dry series ride and crash cymbals lathing increased.

The newly revised Heartbeat cymbal bags went into production and arrived also late in 2016. Added to these were the new Heartbeat drum bags and hardware bag with wheels.

Heartbeat Cymbal Bag Deluxe ModelHeartbeat Cymbal Bag Wheelie ModelHeartbeat Drum Bags





2016 saw the first year for the first Heartbeat drum kits heading out. Choice of 6 ply maple in two custom finishes (one lacquer and one wrap) or 6 ply ash in a beautiful satin stain. In a very competitive market, we are excited to offer a high quality custom product at an affordable price. That’s Heartbeat!

Heartbeat Maple Drum Set TurquoiseHeartbeat Maple Drum Set Vintage WhiteHeartbeat DSA Ash drum set





We are looking forward to introducing even more new products in 2017, as well as continuing to improve our current products, thanks to the input from all our Heartbeat family members. Thank you for all your support! We look forward to supporting you over this year.