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Heartbeat drums!

After twelve years in preparation and three years in development, Heartbeat is pleased to introduce the Heartbeat limited edition maple and ash drum series! Heartbeat has never desired nor chosen to be like other companies. Our aim has always been more than “just” providing high quality products to the market place at as low pricing as possible. We strive to develop relationships with our customers that go far beyond buying and selling.

Heartbeat Maple Drum Set


With Heartbeat cymbals, we started producing four series that covered most musical genres. After working with our artists and customers, we now produce nine series and continue to develop new products. We adjust manufacturing processes and specifications as rapidly as possible to suit what our customers ask us for.

Now with Heartbeat drums, our focus is not to compete with the many high quality custom drum builders around the globe, nor to compete with the major brand products that fill music stores everywhere. Our focus is based on our artist and customer needs. Drums that not only sound great, look great and are priced great, but match up perfectly with Heartbeat brand cymbals.

Snare-throw-offSpecial features are included, like Trick USA snare throw offs, which some drummers rate as the best snare attachment made today, and die cast hoops on our maple toms and snare drums which tone down the sound to match up with our quick decaying Heartbeat series cymbals. How about a unique tom mount that gives added height adjustability?



And a choice of either a beautiful turquoise sparkle lacquer finish, or a vintage white wrap? Our customers asked us for smaller sized drums, so we have responded with kits that feature 18″ or 20″ kick drums as standard. With optional tom toms, floor toms and kick drums available from stock, we want to be able to supply you with the drums you need as quickly as we ship cymbals.


As an alternative choice to our maple kits, we are pleased to offer ash shells in a special satin red finish, complete with black accessories. A striking look, but a warm, controlled sound. Introducing… the Heartbeat Ash drumset!Heartbeat DSA Ash drum set

Limited quantities are available in stock for immediate delivery. Click on the large pictures for more information and specifications. Contact us directly and we will gladly help match up the right drum set and cymbals for your needs!