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Anthem Cymbals!

Heartbeat is pleased to introduce the new Anthem Cymbals!

Anthem Cymbals
This unique series is only available for purchase as a set. Featuring 15″ hi-hats, 18″ and 20″ crashes and a 22″ ride, the Anthem series combines the sounds and looks of our Studio, Custom and Classic series… all in one! Hand crafted by the Heartbeat cymbalsmiths in Turkey, this series is made with the same high quality B20 material as all our other Heartbeat cymbals.

The top of the cymbal combined unlathed finish of our Custom series with the polished lathed finish Classic series and a striped look similar to our Studio series. The underside is fully lathed but with the sandy finish of the Custom series. Add to that, a bonus free Heartbeat logo cymbal bag!

The cymbals are like most Heartbeats…. dark, thin and warm. Traditional Turkish craftsmanship combined with a contemporary Heartbeat touch.

For more information: Heartbeat Anthem Cymbals