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Now Available: Heartbeat Custom Dry Series

Heartbeat is pleased to announce our new cymbals: The Custom Dry series.

Following in the footsteps of it’s big brother, the Custom Series, the new Custom Dry cymbals feature even less lathing around the edges to produce a quieter sound with a quicker decay.

Heartbeat Custom Dry series  Cymbals

The initial sizes available are: 22″ Ride, 20″ Crash, 18″ Crash, 15″ Hi-hats. Click on the image for more information and sound samples.

Heartbeat Drum sticks!

Heartbeat Drum sticks

Made from high quality hickory, Heartbeat drum sticks are factory matched and balanced. Available in 5A, 5A nylon, 411, 5B and 7A sizes, our sticks are a much welcomed addition to the Heartbeat Percussion family. Limited initial production. Available in single pairs or a box of twelve pairs.

Carry your sticks in style! Here’s the Heartbeat Stick Bag:

 HB-SB-800  HB-SB-1-800  HB-SB-2-800

Pockets for all your sticks, keys, pens… This first run of stick bags have a street price of only $29.00 Canadian.